What does Suyi mean:

“速译” is a Chinese word which stands for fast translation. Someone might be ok with their document be translated within a week, someone needs their documents urgently. And this why we call us “Suyi”. We want to match your demands of language services.


What kind of service we can provide:

We can translate appreciate 150 languages from English to any and Chinese to any.


We can translate the following:

  • Birth Certificate Translations
  • Driver’s License Translations
  • Marriage Certificate Translations
  • Passport/Visa Translations
  • Degree Translation
  • Education certificate Translation
  • Baptismal record Translation 
  • Medical Translations
  • Personal and Private Documents
  • Police and Legal Documents Translations
  • Academic Records and Transcripts Translations
  • Insurance Translations


For documents to other countries, please ask us or check with the agency you will submit your documents to, as requirements vary for each case.


Our Price: 

It depends on languages and what type of documents you need to translate. It is better to quote us.


Time Cost: 

It depends on what kind of documents. We will try our best to match your time requirements. For one-page certificate document, we can finish them from 1 – 2 days.


Delivery Fee:

Regular Post: free, arrive within 3 -5 working days.

Express Post: 10 AUD, arrive within 1 -2 working days


Driver License Translation Service

(1) what should I send u? driver’s licence in digital format via Line?

You should send pictures of your driver license

(2) how should I pay for the translation service? How much is it?

The price depends on what of driver license you want to translate, you can pay us through bank transfer or pay by our online payment system

(3) will everything be done electronically? Can the translation be printed out in colour on my side and be used along with my driver’s license in Brisbane?

Yes, everything can be done electronically. You can print out in colour and then drive legally with the translation document and original document.


Our Email: [email protected] 

Our Phone: +61-280033388 

Our office

Level 13, 2 Park Street, Sydney