Our Languages

Our goal is to build strategic partnerships with clients and become a one-stop provider for the target languages they require. This allows clients to benefit from a consistent localization approach, guaranteed translation quality, and economies of scale.

To provide excellent translations in every language we offer, we work exclusively with trusted specialized partners. Our current language offering includes translations from English and Chinese into the following target languages and from the following languages to English and Chinese:

Chinese (Simplified) – China Chinese (Traditional) – Taiwan English
Japanese Korean Thai
Vietnamese Malay (Malaysisan) Indonesian
Hindi Urdu Hmong
Khmer Burmese Bengali
Laotian (Lao) Mongolian Nepali
Tagalog French German
Italian Spanish Portuguese
Norwegian Danish Dutch
Finnish Swedish Greek
Russian Bulgarian Croatian
Czech Estonian Hungarian
Lithuanian Polish Romanian
Serbian Slovakian Slovenian
Turkish Ukrainian Kazakh
Uzbek Arabic Farsi (Persian)
Hebrew Albanian Macedonian
Bosnian Filipino Cantonese
Lao/Laothian Gujarati Latvian
Marathi Lithuanian Polish
Sinhalese Pushto Tajik
Vietnamese Tamil Swahili